Why WordPress?

It's powering 30% of all websites on internet for a reason.

30% of all websites on the internet is built with WordPress. That's 75 million websites. But why?

Built for SEO

It's essential for your website to be found organically. WordPress is developed with SEO-friendly codes by highly trained developers with deep SEO knowledge. This is why many WordPress websites are ranked higher than other CMS websites.


Wordpress is developed for businesses to scale. That's why WordPress provides users an intensive range of customised software to help you build your dream site. Other than that, WordPress is also built for speed and can easily handle millions of visitors.


Among all other open source CMS systems, WordPress is the most user-friendly. That is one of the reason why it is so favored by designers and developers. Our WordPress websites comes with an extremely intuitive drag and drop page builder that makes it incredibly easy to modify your own website.


Not only is WordPress the most popular CMS system, they also have the biggest developer community where new software is constantly developed to further customize WordPress. This is why WordPress is the most flexible CMS system and why 75,000,000 websites favor WordPress.

These big brands use WordPress

Should you use WordPress?

It depends. There is no “best” CMS system out there since every CMS system has their own pros and cons. To make the decision simpler, Ask yourself these questions.

1. Does your business require a customized, tailored, and future-proof solution?

2. Are you a non tech-savvy individual and prefer a user-friendly backend? 

If you answered yes for both questions, WordPress should definitely be your first option.

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