About Us

Connecting people and businesses together through web designs

What we do

Web design and development company specialized in growing SME businesses

Our web design company first started as a freelance designer business back in 2019, We are currently one of the fastest growing web development company in Malaysia as we always strive to provide maximum value to our clients. 

At Major Ventures, we live and operate by adhering to our core principles:

  • Carefully designed content strategy paired with highly intuitive UX Designs
  • Always provide quality solutions to our client’s requirements.
  • To work with our clients as a valuable business partner with equal standings

Your valuable business partner

When you hire us, we take on an advisory role when developing your website instead of yes-men that does everything to make you happy but hurts your business.

Specialised experts

Composed of specialists in their own expertise, your project is managed by a team of graphic designers, web developers, and a creative director.

WordPress Development Specialists

Highly customizable CMS tailored to your business

As the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is not only constantly evolving but has millions of developers constantly building additional software that can be tailored to any types of website. It is truly the most flexible, and most customizable CMS system available. 

Us at Major Ventures have been utilizing WordPress to power custom and tailored business solution to all our client’s websites.